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In an industry filled with unsafe imports and automation, it’s the passion of our craftsmen that makes each LUFT Mattress so unique in the market.


Locally-sourced materials, certified for purity and high quality ensure your children will have eyes shut tight all night and wide open all day.

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"I'm a side sleeper and have noticed since I received my LUFT mattress I haven't woken with a sore neck at all! A good night’s sleep can start your day off amazing. You will get the money back with the energy you give off to people you meet."

— Carmelita Jeter

"We are beyond thrilled to find a luxurious mattress at an affordable price. And the added bonus is that LUFT is made in the USA with materials that are safe with absolutely zero off-gassing. It arrived to my doorstep in a box and was super easy to bring to our bedroom on the second floor. I love how LUFT takes the time to help each customer find the perfect level of firmness for their individual sleep style. "

— The Motherchic

"My husband and I had been sleeping on the same mattress he has had since high school. We love LUFT so much that we got one for every bedroom in our house. Now all our guests can enjoy how comfy they are!"

— Lindsay Arnold, Dancing With The Stars

Great Sleep Is Our Legacy. Craftsmanship Is Our Life.

As America’s largest, privately-owned mattress company, we hope this mattress brings you as much joy as our craftsman had making it.