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 Luft cold pillow
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The Ultimate Cooling Pillow is perfect for all sleep positions and anyone who wants to sleep cooler. Our best selling pillow is designed to move with you while providing conforming support without the heat. Discover the cooling pillow you've been dreaming of today!

• Quick Reacting Memory Foam
• Tencel™ Mesh Cover
• Omni-Phase Cooling Technology
• Ventilated Foam Design
• 5 Year Warranty

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Luft's Ultimate Cooling Pillow is a cold pillow  made from ventilated memory foam. Find your next cool pillow with Luft.

Hot Heads Love Our Ultimate Cooling Pillow

The Ultimate Cooling Pillow by Luft is the perfect pillow for hot sleepers seeking cooling relief. Quick reacting Memory Foam works in unison with Omni-Phase Cooling Technology to deliver a cold pillow experience unlike anything you've ever felt before. Stop flipping your pillow to the "cool" side and try the Ultimate Cooling pillow by Luft today!