Down Alternative Pillow
Adjustable plush pillow
soft pillow
plush pillow

Perfect for those with narrow shoulders, and anyone that likes a traditional pillow. Enjoy the luxurious feel of down without the odors, allergens, or sharp quills. The Down Alternative Pillow easily adjusts to create your ideal comfort.

• Adjustable For 3 Levels Of Comfort
• Sculpted Memory Foam Core
• Pure 300 Thread Count Cotton Cover
• Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Fill
• 3 Year Warranty

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The Down Alternative Pillow by Luft

Finding the perfect pillow can be just as hard as finding the right mattress. The Adjustable Pillow by Luft is a down alternative pillow designed to adapt to the way you sleep. This hypoallergenic pillow features a two sided foam insert that is convoluted on one side and flat on the other. Rest your head on the convoluted side for a plush pillow or use the flat side for a firmer feel. You can also remove the insert all together for a low profile plush pillow perfect for stomach sleepers!